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Ralph Pittman Jr.

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Ralph Pittman Jr is a husband, father, speaker, business strategist, and the Founder and CEO of My Mind Music. While raising his three children he began studying the role music plays in a child's development and the connection between music and the brain. He created Mind Music to help children reach REM sleep to help children get the rest they need so parents get the rest they deserve. 

Pittman attended Rutgers University where he played football and graduated with a degree in Business Economics while also studying Music Theory. He’s been able to attain success in both of his passions and over the past 15 years has served as an advisor

to Fortune 500 companies. Pittman has also composed various musical works for television and film productions/projects, most recently composing music for the acclaimed film, Preacher’s Son, based on the novel written by New York Time’s Best-Selling Author Carl Weber. 

Pittman is married to American celebrity television

and film actress Drew Sidora and has three children, Josiah, Machai and Aniya Pittman. 


The Power of The Mind meets The Power of Music

The brain is a unique organ that has powerful pattern recognition capabilities. Mind Music uses unique patterns and repetition designed to grab your attention so you focus on the music opposed to the stresses of life.

Mind Music was designed to create healthy sleep habits and make the experience of bedtime fun! Combined with a breathing exercise, 30 minutes of relaxing melodies and 30 minutes of white noise, My Mind Music for Kids will help unwind little minds so they can get the sleep they need and parents can get the rest they deserve.


"My son JoJo who has Down Syndrome really loves music. We play Mind Music to calm him down before bedtime. It really helps when he's in the hospital for surgeries. He does well with music therapy and it's what got him to breathe on his own after open heart/lung surgery.

-Jackie Posey

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